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  • Pixel 3a Speedtest! | Quick Enough? | 3a XL vs OnePlus 6

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  • In this video I compare the new Pixel 3a (XL) to what I think is the current fastest Android phone on the market, the OnePlus 6(T). Is the Pixel 3a slow? Or does it perform better than we expect?


    daviddaaannggg says:

    i dont want to be rude but for your own good, please cut your nails

    ian walker says:

    The oneplus is the phone i would take outta these two, however, if it was a decision purely based on the camera, then the pixel would get the nod for sure.

    Thomas Booth says:

    Good stuff Noah!
    Interested to know what you would buy, considering I have seen both, new for around the same price….
    Pixel 2 XL or Pixel 3a? Don't like the 2 due to humungus bezels and poor battery life. I have the 3 already, but looking at picking up a cheaper alternative as present.

    Mr Atx says:

    Well I left iPhone xs Max for pixel 3a xl. I'm definitely happy. I never realized how bad the attenas are on iPhone for data coverage. Pixel 3a xl attenas are great for data coverage. Also runs smooth and the pictures are great

    Amrit Sandhu says:

    Just wanted to say that such a speed test is fundamentally flawed, it only test flash storage performance which obviously will be better in the oneplus. Check out the speed test g by Gary explains, he wrote an app which test the GPU , cpu and storage performance automatically

    Marcus Andrews says:

    XR is so much better than 3a.

    TylerPar69 says:

    You should do a test on the galaxy s10

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