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  • Pixel 3a vs iPhone XR: Which one should you buy?

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  • Google’s newest mid-range smartphone, the Google Pixel 3a starts at just $399. Apple’s iPhone XR starts at $749. Which ‘budget’ smartphone should you go for? Here we compare more of the general specs and hardware and overall which one we’d end up picking.

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    ultramet says:

    I bought them both. I hate making decisions.

    Chris Chris says:

    Don't buy either of them, it's a terrible processor and the camera is only good at low light… and thats using a brightness overload setting… there's actually nothing good about this!

    วรวัฒน์ ศรีสวัสดิ์ says:

    The XR is budget friendly?? Are you a billionaire??

    Nachiket Bidwai says:

    Xr anyday

    In India fuck both
    S10 series and One plus Series are best😍😍

    Chao Shell says:

    Even Google Pixel 3a get same hardware as iPhone XR, I will still choose XR, because of iOS. The whole Android environment is sucks. It's very convenient when I using iPhone and MacBook Pro, and Google Pixelbook just a joke.

    dale caldwell says:

    I am amused that lately–when their bench marks are impressive–Apple have been touting them. (This ain't a hate-Apple post: I just bought a new iPad with the A12 and it is a seriously swift chip.)

    Mr Atx says:

    XR have terrible attenas in them. Which messes up people data coverage

    Luca Mastrantonio says:

    The pixel 3A has stereo speakers -.- They aren't front firing speakers like Pixel 3 but it has stereo speakers -.-

    K&L Gaming says:

    I only do Apple

    Chicken Nugget Man says:

    Fast speeds, big screen, Face ID, and wireless charging. Bruh. iPhone XR

    Franklin Hatch says:

    iPhone is still better

    y4h4n g4briel says:

    pixel 3a

    Elliott Waddick says:

    Stop calling the XR “budget friendly”
    It’s $749 in the US (more in other countries)…and that’s definitely not budget

    47crazed says:

    you can't go wrong with either one. google offers the best android experience. and iphone just works!!!

    Priyam Paithankar says:

    This mf said iphone xr is not a premium phone🤦🏼‍♂️

    Ash Kim says:

    Of course iPhone XR. Who is using phone made of plastic these days?

    Oliver Bose says:

    You can just compare these phones from the hardware side. I still prefer iOS. Otherwise the iPhone is much more expensive. I think this Google phone is a good dealbreaker, especially with a “clean” Android. Plus there’s no notch. By the way, I wrote this comment on my XS Max. 😉

    dnizus says:

    Buy whichever one can afford 💸

    Josh Baesal says:

    The iPhone XR is faster and better optimised than both the Pixel 3A and Pixel-3

    Duy Anh says:

    i like Pixel 3a but the iphone xr design is definitely better

    brinca deira says:

    tbh this doesn't seem like a fair comparison given the price difference. the iphone is almost double the price…
    and unless I've missed it we didn't get to hear about how the battery of both holds over the day… : /
    Besides, at least for me, it's a big deal whether a phone has a headphone jack or not.
    P.S.: I'm not an apple hater, I'm a mac user myself. Just feel like this video compared the 2 phones as if their price was he same, which is not.

    Roberto Isca says:

    The pixel 3a is way behind the iPhone Xr now and is going to get even worse with time

    mcrazza says:

    Nope, the iPhone XR is definitely not a “budget” phone, at least in Australia where it’s $1229.

    Asif Mahmud Akash says:

    I think apple could make their camera by updating the camera app on next iOS version.

    Robby Jarvis says:

    IPhone any day.. Xr over ANY android

    Robby Jarvis says:

    Speak English

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