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  • 🔮 #Predictedit Jamie Fox & Katie’s Holmes ARE DATING

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    Bb Broadus says:

    Those two are slimy. Tom’s ex wife and Tom’s friend. They should burn. Don’t trust them. That’s been out.

    Elegant Queen says:

    Michael B Jordan next😊

    Lawanduuhhh !! says:

    I remember you said something about katie and jamie fox years ago

    mary Kelly-Caffrey says:

    That Tom Cruz is weird glad they are dating he is funny she is cute she played the hell outta Jackie Kennedy in that lifetime movie 👍👍👍 good for them

    luisa clarke says:


    elik tariani says:

    Hi..can you do to tom cruise what will happen after his divorce with katei holmes please? Cause iam one of the bigest fan of them,,thank you! I believe with you!

    100% pure Blacklv says:

    Good morning I'm up for this ☕

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