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  • Put Some Respect On Jurgen Klopp’s Name | Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona

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  • Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona reaction from True Geordie after an amazing champions league come back. Goals from Gini Wijnaldum and Divock Origi shocked the world as Lionel Messi was dumped out the semi final. Jurgen Klopp told reporters he had giants in his team after the match, Liverpool are one win away from being champions of Europe.

    #TheKickOff #TrueGeordie


    Valtre Hoop says:

    Jurgen is the best

    pete carroll says:

    Fair play ..love your channels passion and truth….sweet review..!

    Aby Thomas Mathew says:

    Put some respect on Jordan Henderson's name

    Cred ibility says:

    Klopp would‘ve won last year if it wasn‘t for a cerain cunt called Ramos injuring their best player and their goalie and getting almost no punishment for it

    lfcwilli says:

    Nice one big lad

    Thomas Yang says:

    His work on Borussia Dortmund was impressive as well almost winning the champions league with an underrated team, that is Klopp. Also, his scouting skills are 10/10.

    Afrin Zaman says:

    Barcelona: We got Messi
    Liverpool: We got Anfield

    Carbon Gamer says:

    Barcelona: We have Messi.
    Liverpool: We have Klopp.

    SmithyD86 says:

    True football fan personified.

    Thomas Silas says:

    Yeah Jürgen … du bist der Mann 👍

    Marcos Torres says:

    I want to see how Zidane fixes up Madrid. I want to see Liverpool vs Real Madrid next UCL as well.

    Faheem K says:

    Drop the mic mate. Word. Fu**ing word. Well said. 👊👏

    John Dempsey says:

    You should be a tv pundit your analysis of my team our manager is spot on mate!

    Gregor Mehnert says:

    Finally some real talk

    ash unknown says:

    wow back to back final even sir alex never did that .. win or lose it's damm difficult to bring a club to back to back to final .. last team ever did it nottingham forest n zindane won 3 times n look at real madrid nw shits

    Dooglebrown says:

    Well fucking done mate

    Nada Rosa says:

    Klop is Kops

    Holly says:

    damn we miss him in dortmund xD

    Althair Razor says:

    Barca Fans : " We Have Messi"
    Liverpool fans : "We Have a Team"

    Terry Mc says:

    Absolute fucking facts

    racso nation says:

    lol farzalona got fcuked in half

    high C 35 says:

    no boy put respect on the whole of liverpool

    GoodNews4You says:

    So happy to see another premier league fan give so much honest credit that is due to Liverpool FC and not just slag them out of jealousy and bitterness.

    abdulaziz yalahow says:

    Pup Guardiola & @ManCity are ready to handover the beautiful premier league championship to @LFC tomorrow & I’m already celebrating like I’m in Anfield y’all let’s go we’ll win both championship The beautiful premier & The Magnificent Champion’s League Championship (God Willing)

    Derrick Poku says:

    You throwing out facts here and there👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

    Derrick Poku says:

    Absolutely love this channel ❤️❤️

    Frank Miles says:

    Barcelona : introduce messi
    Liverpool : we introduce them THIS IS ANFIELD .
    deal with it Barca fans

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