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  • RECEIPTS!: Ayesha Curry's Unbelievably BIG EG0! (When She Had Attention) | @TonyaTko Reacts

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  • Ayesha Curry claims she doesn’t get attention – But look at the receipts I found for when she did!!!

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    L Aiyana says:

    I honestly dont think they are in love with eachother any more, they got married young,NBA money aside, what you like at 23 is totally different than what you want at 30.

    ToyaRR says:

    Why are we acting as if there are not times when we do want attention and times when we do not? That is very natural. Also, there are times when we are absolutely sure of ourselves and times when we are not. Before we judge harshly we should remember that Ayesha is human just lime us.

    Je m'appelle Shell says:

    Ok this look on you is just angelic slay sis

    C W says:

    Oh! My God, miss Curry, looks like Pitiful Pearl, look it up, she needs to be Quiet, and Bake cookies, and clean house,.

    Boss Lady says:

    So she has a husband; healthy children and well off financially thanks to her husband and that's not enough.😒

    Im Done says:

    Ego…. Edging God Out….. 👀

    Darrick White says:

    She (Steph's wife) should talk to her Canadian sister, Tamia. Tamia & Grant Hill are still happily married (since '99), and ain't checking for anyone else to validate their "still got it" factor.

    J. Anthony Morgan says:

    The white looks great on you, thanks for pointing it out for your viewers 😂 how this whole "attention" thing is isane

    Nessa Pooh says:

    I think she is feeling insecure due to the weight gain. I've never seen a person get annoyed from receiving respect.

    Unabashed says:

    Turning 40 and gaining a ton of weight, I was finally hoping to become invisible to men because I really hate the attention. Even as a fat old hag, I'm still getting harassed publicly daily and it's humiliating and oppressive, not uplifting. I can't relate to this topic at all.

    Blackprince Mitzrayim says:

    Ayesha just knows that those women who are groupies for stephon are pretty and she may feels she can’t compete with them

    hotties3v3n says:

    Ayesha curry has BEEN hyped up by black men as a mixed race black woman. Personally I think she was more sweet/cutesy ( her cubby cheeks) rather than sexy or some great beauty. I feel like if she was dark skin with those SAME features with dark eyes, she would not have been put up as a great beauty or the ideal wife for black men! That being said, black men I saw commenting on her pictures in the last few years were always complimenting her looks, saying she was beautiful. So she is very annoying whining when she got attention, rejected it, and now want it again, EVEN THOUGH SHES NOW MARRIED. If a woman hit on a married man, we’d all be outraged, calling her a thot, so why does she think single men should hit on her as a married woman? ugh!! She needs to get help.

    qυєєη lєкα says:

    My mother loves your channel. Lol, you two are so much alike. Ordered her your serum too! My mother (47) feels Ayesha married too young and is now unsure of herself and has lost her identity because she took on (mom and wife) before she could find out. I knew her narcissism would catch up to her. Loooove 💕 your energy Auntie!

    SN: unfortunately, I think her subconsciously feeling like she has light-skinned privilege also is what’s making her feel entitled to attention as well. And no disrespect to her, but women don’t want Steph Curry because he’s good looking. Women want Steph Curry because he has money. LOL aas colorist as our community is, and you think black women are trying to fawn over him? No ma’am.

    AnomalyBelleza says:

    Self absorbed person seeking outside validation. That combo just doesn’t work.

    MTM J Shivers says:

    She ant s*it

    Nina Brownstone says:

    I feel that she doesn't know her own truth. She need to get in touch with her inner beauty, her true spirit. She needs to dive deeper than that material life. Like so many women, she doesn't understand her value of inner self is what's important and keep her balanced. You could be blessed with good looks, a rich and good looking husband, and adorable children, but you could still be lost. Miss Ayesha Curry need to take up meditation and do some soul-searching, instead of looking for male attention.

    Carpricorn says:

    I'm in love with the white hun

    Ashlee Ross says:

    Wow this is interesting…I hope she contacts you so we can get to the bottom of it 😶

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