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  • Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens passes away at 99

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  • Shannon Bream takes a look back at Justice Stevens’ life and legacy.


    Laurie Sarno says:

    This senile old coot wanted to repeal the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Happy he has croaked off.

    joe reed says:

    A life gone sucks. But this asshat wanted to repeal the second amendment. Soooooo, good riddance.

    Dan Rush says:

    He went to hell.

    Habitt5253 says:

    So, has anyone accused the Clinton's or George Soros of having him secretly assassinated yet? Because you just KNOW somebody has. Let me go check Breitfart real quick. Yup.

    Jeffrey Hutchins says:

    Many of you forget this Justice wanted to repeal the second amendment..but yeah he stayed conservative. Oh Dont hurt the terrorist's feelings either.

    Juarez says:

    It should have been Ginsburg. 😑

    Amellia Mendel says:

    He was one smart guy.

    Maybe I'll tell says:

    1 less dumbass refucklican….

    Vallisi Malgov says:

    He was a good man Rest in peace John Paul Stevens.

    RayPat 7734 says:

    Uh oh Trump gets to pick another one. I can Don 🍋 and CNN right now. How dare he die under Donald Trump that scumbag died just so Trump can pick another rapist. Well, lets get ready for another clown show.

    no noah says:

    Rest in peace.

    Victor Carter says:

    What got out of this segment was the media pressured him to be less conservative…likely someone had dirt on him like Roberts.

    otis driftwood says:

    What's taking Ruth so long?

    Ken Sharp says:

    I hope ruth bader ginsburg also dies today.

    Hey im Life says:

    Yay less white people! Dont worry we will eventually replace all of them

    spoon says:

    Ruth is next

    KostaAtlas says:

    Another phaedophile bites the dust

    Thomas Tackett says:

    Good riddance. The only good liberal is a dead liberal these days.

    Sandlin22 says:

    99 that's quiet a bit of life

    Audrey Lynn says:


    Audrey Lynn says:


    Słowiański Wojownik says:

    And thus Nature corrects Gerald Fords' mistake with time.

    GflashEx2000 says:

    Rest well judge Stevens, thank ya for yer services to America

    Patti Morris says:

    99 what a life.

    Jody Williams says:

    Scumbag that wanted to repeal the 2nd amendment. He was no more of a conservative than Mitt Romney or John McCain. He was scum and the world is better off without him poisoning us with his megalomania.

    Charles Woodfin says:

    Haha 😂 🖕🖕🖕🖕

    Esoteric Mystery says:

    At least he was allowed to live his full length of days

    John M says:

    one of the worst.

    Crifstar says:

    Good riddance he wanted to get rid of the 2nd

    Stephen Ferris says:

    Wow. RIP John Stevens. Unfortunately the circus and liberal clowns go at it again

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