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  • RNTv Daily Rohingya News [ROHINGYA ZUBAN], 13th August, 2019

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  • Rohingya is an ethnic Muslim minority in Arakan state, Burma (now Myanmar) endangered to lose their existence and history from the earth. The Burmese governments have long been running genocidal extermination and worst forms of persecution on them for decades.

    As a result, the history of independent Arakan along with its royal owners Rohingya is about to disappear. In the recent days, the atrocities turned from bad to worse terming it as ‘Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing’. Rohingyas want to live in their homeland with the identity and rights of their own but denying them, the Burmese regimes have been driving hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas out from Arakan calling them as ‘Kalas’ or ‘Bangalis’ out of hatred.

    The world at large has more or less been in dark about the inhuman atrocities carried out on the Rohingya as there is no access of any independent media in Arakan.
    The RNTv is an independent online TV channel which works as ‘An authentic Voice and Vision of Persecuted Rohingya’ strongly committed to broadcast the sufferings of Rohingya among the people of the world. The TV plans to focus the news and views of the most persecuted Rohingya in Rohingya, Bengali, English, Arabic and Burmese languages.

    The RNTv welcomes all the constructive suggestions that will be considered as a milestone regarding its development to march forward. May RNTv move forward to the height of its goal. ———————————————————-

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