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  • Royal Kids – Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx pose as a couple for the first time

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  • Great to see it. ¬†Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have posed together as a couple for the first time. ¬†The pair, who have been dating for almost five years, got some pics at last night’s Met Gala marking their first high profile event pose as an (absolute) unit. ¬†Holmes and Foxx arrived to the Gala separately suggesting that they had little to no interest in each other but once inside confirmed that they were, indeed, still a couple. ¬†His shoes even matched her dress. Lovely. ¬† ¬†This comes after rumours that the pair, who have kept their relationship extremely lowkey over the years, had split up.¬† ¬†Apparently, Katie had had some trust issues with Jamie and had decided to end things saying that she “couldn’t do this anymore.” ¬†Jamie then apologised and the two allegedly ended things on good terms. ¬†That was, until, last night when they stepped out together, got some pics, and confirmed that they are actually still together. ¬† ¬†Holmes was wearing a lilac and purple Zac Posen gown while Jamie showed up in his matching outfit of a black suit with some purple shoes. ¬†Doesn’t get camper than that, does it? ¬†This comes after Lady Gaga made a 16 minute entrance at last night’s Met Gala, revealing a staggering four outfit changes on the red carpet. ¬†Impressive, in fairness to her.


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