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  • Sandra Bland's Arrest: The Bystander's Video 👼🏽

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  • The video was shot on 07.10.2015 by a bystander/auditor who captured the image of Sandra on the ground, the cops on top of her, one with a knee in her back, after she was slugged in the head/face by Encinia, the arresting officer, while still in her car. His orders were unlawful. She exited the vehicle seconds after. Encinia orders the bystander to leave the area, being on public property, he refuses.

    Later she said the cop slammed her head into the ground, she was dazed, confused and said she couldn’t hear after he hit her.

    Encinia was later charged with perjury, lying about the arrest, that she kicked him among other things when videos surfaced of the arrest. The charges were dropped in 2017 as a deal to never work in law enforcement again.

    Sandra Bland died in police custody after 3 days in the county jail, a result of Encinia’s lies. Waller county and the coroner claim it was suicide by hanging (plastic trash liner) but can a 30 gallon cheap, inferior plastic garbage bag really support the weight of a 170 lb. woman without stretching, tearing or leaving behind any of her DNA or fingerprints?

    Why is there no evidence of asphyxiation above the ligature marks high on her neck, leaving her airway patent? No broken vertebrae, no leaking blood vessels or congestion, no petechia, no discoloration of skin tone suggesting hypoxia, her brain without signs of hypoxia… the list goes on …

    Sandra was returning to the area after gaining employment at the university and to work on her Master’s. In 2008 she led a “get out and vote” march for the students after authorities attempted to bar college students from voting in their county. She was well known to local law enforcement related to her Civil Rights Activities at college.

    Be sure to catch the HBO presentation “Say Her Name” about the fight to discover the truth about Sandra’s death. https://www.hbo.com/documentaries/say-her-name-the-life-and-death-of-sandra-bland

    Initial Autopsy

    Texas Senate Bill 1849, also known as the Sandra Bland Act, went into effect on September 1, 2017, and mandated change to corrections and police policy when dealing with those with substance abuse or mental health concerns.

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