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  • Sandra Bland Previously Attempted Suicide Lost Baby

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  • Discussing details of the case that a lot of Media outlets tend to leave out regarding Sandra Bland Case. She might’ve had postpartum depression and other mental health problems. I’ve noticed their really is a stigma on mental within the black community and it’s honestly coming from within. I hear to talk about the details some outlets choose to leave out. Everything isn’t always a conspiracy or master plan.

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    Gracie Mac says:

    If you wrap/twist the plastic bag up, you can make it stronger. It was probably one of those thick black plastic bags. Those bags are pretty tough. One more thing, I am not against THC at all. I actually think it can help a lot with medical issues, including pain… BUT some people have bad reactions with it. One guy in my hood literally lost his mind smoking it. He smoked 2 joints and was never the same. It can happen.

    1BoardwalkAngel Forever says:

    She had tried to commit suicide 1 year previously after a miscarriage. She was obviously battered by that cop from the bruising on her back. I still stand behind the fact that no Black person would hang themselves. I understand that your father completed suicide. However, culturally African Americans do not hang themselves period.

    Just because a talking head says that she was depressed about her sister's not bailing her out and she completed suicide. Doesn't make it true.

    She had just gotten a job, and she was planning to relocate. It just seems strange that she would hurt herself when her life was on a high note.

    Why did they move her to the back cell where there was an entrance/
    exit and no cameras? That cop could have done it.

    You can have a mental health discussion all day long. It's a great conversation.

    The only positive thing that came out of Sandra Bland's death was "The Sandra Bland Act".

    My daughter is actually intolerant/allergic to THC just being exposed to second hand marijuana smoke she has had a seizure. (It's okay it's legal where we live.)

    I'm not trying to get on you about it, you make excellent points. However, I believe that from jump this entire incident was a setup and since the cops had that cell phone video in their possession for 3+ years and it took a local TV station to get it released to them when it should have been released to the Bland Family Attorney years ago or the prosecution against that rogue cop for whom the case was dropped it just stinks like 3 day old fish.

    So we'll have to agree to disagree on this one, my friend.

    t M. says:

    So she "tried to commit suicide" a year earlier and that is the reason she did in 2015. Over a traffic stop. FOH. Unsubbed.

    mike brown says:

    I'm bin smokin 20 years,only week mind csnt handle thc,bro any parent
    That lose a child wants to kill them self, fact,I kno alot.of sandra's she normal Africa American woman listen to her talk she care for people,and the THC bro,,bro I truly feel.u hate being black,and u hate black people,they hid the evidence, u so off on the weed bro
    I smoke more thank Bob Marley it makes u humble,as much as we go threw killing are sef not option.were the evidence she killed herself,the thc,she lost a child a she wanted kill herself lol she jus lost child,if work with alot of dominicans they hate being black.so disconnected,

    craig jones says:

    Victimizing the victims. The American way. Why did they hide the tapes? To get the cop off which it did. I can't deal with this type negative bullshit. Unsubscribed. Losing a baby vs getting locked up. Not comparable.

    colin thompson says:

    Canada – Found it difficult watching the video and going down the rabbit hole of mental health. Here is another interpretation – can a country use its judiciary/law enforcement to disenfranchise a minority of its population ?. This is the question Sandra Bland needed answered as she found herself deprived of her liberty. Here in Canada, language rights were embedded in the constitution upon repatriation(1981). Our Supreme Court must have 3 out of 9 french. This precludes any laws being written or exercised against anyone based on language. Imagine if this protection existed for Sandra Bland – the traffic stop becomes a moot point. Deprivation of liberty becomes the central issue and mental health only compounds the error of the state in the first instance. America needs 3 out of 9 Supreme court justices be African-American.

    Leticia Gonzales says:

    so did anyone know that all jails/prison have a on sight RN or doctor for emergency situations and when a prisoner is being aggressive and causing self harm they will inject the inmate with a Anastasia that temporary paralyze them.

    Leticia Gonzales says:

    it called postmodern depression , where alot of women go through a few months up to a year after child birth have depression .

    TheNastyboypro says:

    You're right u can't convince anybody right from wrong. You can just provide the evidence & let them decide what really happen….
    Great vido…. keep up the great work

    Gracie Mac says:

    The chat cut us off. So, the guy tried jumping and survived? He must really regret that decision now. Online they have a few documentaries of people who have shot themselves and survived. They get face transplants and try living normally. Suicide is so scary to me. It is really so ugly and violent. I am sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope you can overcome your anger some day. I doubt he did it to hurt you. People commit suicide because they are hurting, mostly. That hurt can be physical or mental pain(depression). I think most suicides are a result of giving up hope and essentially, maybe you feel your Dad gave up hope on you too. I can understand your anger because I would probably feel the same, but like I said before, I really hope you can overcome that anger. You can just turn that anger/pain into something great: continue being a good dad!

    Israel is REAL says:

    Where are the "hidden facts"??? Your example is a so-called white woman who killed herself??? You're terrible an you just lost a subscriber.. NEVER RELATE WHAT so-called white people dogs do to what the children of the MOST HIGH do… We're TWO different manner of beings…

    Michelle Clarke says:

    Wat clit bait

    A P says:

    NO ONE should ever threatened anyone or their family. In addition, NO ONE should ever tell someone to kill themself. I know this is completely off topic, however the saying "go kill yourself" is used FAR too often online.

    Please people choose kindness. It takes no more effort to act kind than it does to act mean. End of rant.

    In addition, this is an extremely interesting case all the way around. So many things just don't add up, despite her lengthy history of mental illness. It's just so very sad in the end.

    We disagree on several different things, however I greatly respect your research, your clear manner of how you present your cases, and lastly you always remain objective (and that's not always easy to do).

    Cheers, my man!!

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