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  • Shocking Sandra Bland Video Was Buried By News Network

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    Raw Video: Sandra Bland's Cell Phone Video of her Arrest


    Lying Dutchman says:

    Establishment: "You discussed police violence! You're sowing discord! Russian troll!"

    Frederick Burkert says:

    The point of making by these videos is lost on me. The US needs to sort it’s issues. Where I am and where I’m from sure isn’t perfect. UK/NL, But I don’t see a reason to make videos about other places. We won’t understand this polarizing of opinion and cross issues of importance and more polarizing. Then find another issue to polarize on. Trump, party systems, policing, death penalty, abortion, guns and WMD etc

    Lincoln Lloyd Redley says:

    Eventually it’s not just goOd cops and unions that protect them, alone :

    and how were THEY re-elected . . .

    All the cULprits . . .

    mUch closer to hOme✌🏽💥

    Mary Taylor says:

    Thank You for telling the truth. And the Judges steal our children then changs their names so that they can never find their way back home again. GOD!!!! Help us

    SecondLifeDesigner says:

    My bet is she was injured in the unwarranted arrest but the cops wouldn't let her see a doctor because the doctor or hospital would have documented the injuries she got. Then she died of her injuries and they made it look like a suicide to cover up what they had done. One dirty cop or cops covering up for the first dirty cop.

    shean7890 says:

    This racism, aggression, by the cop should be punished severely, so cops will think a million times before acting in such manner

    eakherenow says:

    Hilary sweep in and took Bland's mother into her embrace and there was no more heard from her.

    Bethany Hunt says:

    "Not newsworthy" = "can't show this challenge the police state" to this news editor.

    David Saintloth says:

    Ya'll really don't want me stirring up the dark thoughts I had when I saw the tragedy that was the murder of Sandra Bland. What's the murdering cops name again? where does he live ? did he go into witness protection? All this information needs to be made public.

    Garrett says:

    I'm usually careful in judging these situations absent knowing full context. Having said that, it certainly does look bad on the officer.
    The stat that 1/3 of all "killings by a stranger" might need more discussion though. Police do shoot people and many of those shootings are arguably warranted (such as if someone draws a gun on the officer). So it's not particularly surprising that, as a group, they would comprise a high percentage in that particular dimension of the statistical data.

    TheFiftyYearOld FourTwentyGamer says:

    POLICE DEPTS need to be Cleaned out
    Need to Get back to Protect & Serve

    Bronzius says:

    This is so dark

    Beau Evans says:

    that stat seems a bit fudged. aren’t most murders done by people who are related or know each other? hence the “by strangers” specification…

    Pat Frahme says:

    Watching this video makes me so sick. This poor girl was murdered just days after this was taken.

    Heidi Melcarek says:

    When it comes down to it, it seems like the real motive is to beat the populace into submission…submission to the power structure…so essentially – the elite. Cops know what side their bread is buttered on. Fascist pigs that they are.

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