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  • Southern Charm Kathryn Dennis Makes New Allegations Against Thomas Ravenel In Court

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  • Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis Makes New Allegations Against Thomas Ravenel In Court.

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    Maureen Callahan says:


    showtime951 says:

    Enough of these awful lies. Thomas & Ashley are just the most adorable, responsible, and delightful young couple I can ever remember being introduced to. I've been around them a handful of times together and it has been wonderful, and on the two occasions when I was alone with Ashley she didn't hesitate to reach around and give me a hand.
    It's like Thomas always says, "You can lead a horse to water , but you can't make it drink. But then you can take the back of the horse's head and pull it towards your crotch!"

    Don Harris says:

    This is one class A disfunctionL couple and who suffers ,the innocent children 👎😎

    Jody Siciliano says:

    Congratulations Katherine I am behind you 100% when it comes to Thomas hope you hey full custody of your 2 children.Thomas had a serious drug and Alcohol problem and is not faithful with Ashley and is always bringing home different Women all the time.He may be toxicating Kensley and St.Jude to put them to sleep at earlier times so he can intertwine his enormous lady friends that he entertains.Katherine had worked hard to show she is the stable patent out of the two of them.I don't believe St.Juse is Thomas's at all it wad never proven by the courts.Sincerely, Jody Siciliano.

    Monica Harrison says:

    dear Kathryn keep going you have come so far! I, personally always like you,some problems but a good mother, thank you for showing a person can over came a lot, love M

    gaylee mendenhall says:

    I hate that computer voice! Katherine is just beautiful!

    Marsha Boody says:

    When I look at her boy it looks like fetal alcohol syndrome has affected his appearance.

    Christine Tembrock says:

    Good for her, he deserves everything that's coming to him after the way he treated her!

    Goldie Fatale says:

    what did she ever see in this guy. eww.

    Zina Shepherd says:

    He drinks way to much to even be given visitation and those girlfriends of his have questionable behavior problems as well as past repertations that are in fact questionable it's just scary for the children to be put in this situation at all if the dad was wise he would back down and leave the children with their mother. Sobber up and visit when he hasn't got a girlfriend hanging around I think he is always trying to rub Kathryn's nose in something and it's pathetic and not working out so good for him no one wants children to remember their daddy as some old drunken slob for real and the Bible does say you will be remembered as you were known

    Johnna Campbell says:

    So what she can do what she wants! No one needs a drunk and rapist raising kids

    Denise Pelton says:

    Wishing Kathryn and the children the very best ❤ Thomas needs to get his life in order and should do what is best for the children at this point. He can regain joint custody once he is stabilized. No significant other involved with either of them should be near the children nor allowed to slander anyone.

    jennybugsification13 says:

    We all watched her from a naive young lady thinking this was her 'prince', to a very aware women who understands what's important. Thomas has always been a cad. The kids are 10x better off with her. YOU GO KATHRYN!!

    Holly King says:

    She is doing great now. She has come a long way. He used every LITTLE thing against her when he had deep dark secrets. She has worked super hard to get to this point.

    Wreckless says:

    That misogynist old fart now has Kathryn labeled as an addict when all she did was smoke a little weed. WE ALL DO! Meanwhile, he's out there tootin', crackin', and paying for 'company' with his pal J.D! who has a recent mugshot (arrest,recent!) where he looks awful jacked up on one or the other, possibly both! Thomas behaves exactly the same! sincerely, Charleston.

    MES says:

    Good for her!! She was made out to be a terrible mom all on the word of this *dickless wonder! I think T-Rav has just met Karma and it was a long time coming! Get your babies Kathryn they need a loving mom not a bunch of nannies he hires to "raise" your children. 🌹💟

    Bellasky39 Dewitt says:

    We are with you girl! I had kids with a rich white man and I'm still fighting!!! It's not right!!!

    EC C says:

    Just give her the kids back! She took a couple of years from motherhood, she partied, she dated anybody everybody but now she’s done with that. Let her have the kids, be a full time mom and let’s see how that pans out for her.

    Deborah Steiner says:

    This is going to get ugly. He’s going to bring up her drug use and she is going to bring up his charges. Not to mention all the other things that Thomas claims. I do agree that the kids should not be on tv.
    I hope Kathryn stays sober and continues to put those kids first. Thomas sure isn’t

    YouTube Luver says:

    I think it only fair she get her kids sinc he took their kids when she was in rehab & was allowed to demand drug testing whenever he felt like it. He doesn’t care for the kids but has a nanny. She has made such a great turn in her life & I think she would b a good mother now. It’s just a reversed situation so now her turn to give these kids stability

    deetest logins says:

    F#@* Yesss !! You Have A Solid Support Crew Katheryn, You Inspire So Many to Stand Up For Themselves.

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