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  • Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel Kathryn Denies Original Assault (custody battle)

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  • Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel Kathryn Denies Original Assault (custody battle).

    Read More (Source): RealityBlurb, Bravo tv
    Images(Credit): Bravo, NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images, Celebrity Instagram Profile, Google Images
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    Gina Trusow says:

    I wish these two would get out together for the sake of the children, Thomas needs to learn how to be more respectful to women and he needs to learn that women are not sex objects nor should he be putting his hands on any women period

    Betty Boo says:

    This is a very dangerous man..

    Daniella Ibarra says:

    Lol trashlleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy🤥

    Jack R. says:

    What a tangled web. If something happens to Ravenel…who gets his millions? The children or Katherine or God forbid wicked JACOBS?

    Deborah Steiner says:

    The man has legal claims against him. He has legit paperwork of all allegations from multiple claims. He has a prison record. If anything, Bravo made him look better

    Sandra Ray says:

    Do what's right for those precious kids. The truth shall prevail. It always does.

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