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  • Steve Harvey has been kicked off his 2nd show + CPS involved in Nipsey Hussles daughter's case

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    bronxtrouble king says:

    she trying to teach her daughter lori harvey she tried to go at jay z puffy after she was with puffy's son and trey songs ho in the making and his wife and her daughter went on a trip around the world he messed up when he took his exwifes son from her karma said hold up wait a minute ninja

    Shen Pe Uts Taa-Neter says:

    you need to have $250,000 in assets and liquid in order to qualify as an estate

    bronxtrouble king says:

    family fued next dem white backers bailing before the book.hits the fan

    JourneeRose says:

    Pause: how would he be sleeping with her but she hasn't seen her daughter in months. The family is looking out for the best interest of his daughter and she's old enough to Express where she wants to be.

    Lashaunda Green Gossip says:

    All of this fighting over this little girl because of money. Whoever she was with before his death should keep her and reap the Benefits

    Danielle Mccoy says:

    A shame and a scandal

    Danielle Mccoy says:

    Karma is a B$#@%

    Dee Love says:


    Danielle Mccoy says:

    His wife is a whore

    Danielle Mccoy says:

    Oh boy steve in trouble, remember when he jumped on monique

    lavender 16 says:

    I find it funny that NOW nipsey hussle's sister and brother feel that The mother (tanisha) is suddenly "unfit" but Nipsey Hussle (God rest his soul) NEVER made not one bad statement about her or her parenting they had joint custody I would assume that if he felt she wasnt being taken care of properly, would have been gotten full custody so what is this Reay about???

    ConnectTheDots W/Liv says:

    Sneaky to gain custody of the girl after she has an inheritance from her deceased father. Why didnt Nipsey try to gain custody of her if the child was in danger the past 10 years?

    Glo Wurm says:

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