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  • Steve Harvey Looses Two MAJOR TV Spots Within DAY! Whats REALLY GOING ON?!

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  • The week’s just begun and it’s already been a bad one for Steve Harvey.

    Soon after word got out that NBC had canceled Harvey’s eponymous TV talk show, news broke that Harvey had also lost his NBC gig as host of Little Big Shots, a variety show featuring talented little kids.
    According to People, NBC is replacing Harvey on Big Shots with comedian Melissa McCarthy.

    “Melissa’s just an incredible performer and incredible comedian,” NBC’s co-chairman of entertainment Paul Telegdy said in a statement, People reports, adding that as a 48-year-old mother of two, McCarthy “will bring a completely fresh perspective to it.”

    Harvey is 62.

    But, as The Root noted in its earlier coverage about NBC deciding to drop Harvey’s talk show, the decision to boot Harvey from Big Shots may have had less to do with “fresh perspective” and more to do with a feud between NBCUniversal and Endeavor’s IMG Original Content, the company that produces Harvey’s talk show.

    NBC lost its ownership stakes in the talk show under the deal Harvey struck with IMG and was upset about that.

    In any case, the new iteration of Big Shots will air Sunday nights at 8 p.m., sometime after football season.

    In addition, according to People, Harvey’s producers are working on maybe getting another network to pick up the talk show.

    And, of course, for those still wanting their daily dose of Harvey, there’s always Family Feud.


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    halgo46 says:

    You better not say nothing he going to end up being a contestant on The Price is Right

    DatDBoyy says:

    I respect you both a great deal, not only because you're always professional and articulate; its also because you do your research and report on facts.  Your integrity to your work and fans speaks volumes.  Definitely a reliable source of information.  Much respect to you both!!

    Trevor Every says:

    When kissing ass goes wrong the Steve Harvey show premieres 1june

    D.J. KEYS says:

    Bad mentality of our black youthSAD SAD SAD

    Cindy Silveria says:

    Because he took his show POLITICAL HOLLYWEIRD should stay out of POLITICS

    Rodrick Hayes says:

    He not hurting for money as long as he invested well.

    Joe T says:

    Maybe now he’ll get his night show now.

    Mike Robinson says:

    Nigga dis me!!

    Jersey Jay says:

    What did i miss? He has 3 shows plus radio….he will be alright!

    Trina B says:

    It’s funny that the same people who were giving Monique advice to finance her own venture aren’t coming as strong with the advice for Steve who has way more resources.

    Max Prophet says:

    Lol these comments act like he's down and out. He still has 98 jobs just not 100

    Nadine Gary says:

    He lost me when he shined on Monique. That was not right to bring someone on national TV to tell them their wrong. SMH

    Momo Ed says:

    Most importantly NBCUniversal dropped him and his show…before he show was cancelled.

    Momo Ed says:

    NBC Universal has gone through a Top Down Restructure. Everybody @NBC and NBC Universal and Entertainment is NEW. Good Luck Steve Harvey!!

    Jackie Pearson says:

    I will always support STEVEN HARVEY

    Earth_ Bound says:

    Oh well to the well well..Karma does bite! Steve it’s your time bye Mr.Potato👋

    Land of the Dread Heads says:

    I guess he didnt learn from Stacey Dash, whitey had to remind him who he is and it's levels to devils game and he got lost, now he's stranded.

    Diana Duncan says:

    He just talks too much. Never forget where you came from.

    NNN says:

    He needs replaced on " Family Feud ", he's old and outdated.

    Beyond Compare says:

    Bye bye sellout

    Truth HurtsButHealz says:

    Their way of "Making America Great Again."

    Kayjay Kayjay says:

    Steve when you done tap dancing for massa we got some chitterlings you can clean in the out house!! Open them big ass lips so you can eat your words I know your first wife somewhere with her feet kicked up laughing as them chips fall!! Karma may not come today or tomorrow but that bitch make her rounds sooner or later

    Wormanatti says:

    White folk are easily impressed with their own. Ain't a damn funny or interesting about McCarthy.

    Heetckers says:

    Who cares, didn't watch one of his shows.

    CD Williams says:

    NBC scared about that tell all book. They cutting ties lol

    Daddy Famlittle says:

    Fans of Steve??? Smh…..why?? Smh……cornfucnball!

    AgainstAll Odds says:

    Buck dancing, ppl close to him need to be careful because he's going to sacrifice someone so he can get back on top……..Hince the late great Bernie Mack.

    Ceelow Creed says:

    Hey everyone it's no big deal he's just going through his "Humiliation Stage" just another part of being in the industry he just has to show his allegiance and maybe perform a sex act or two or three who knows.

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