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  • Steve’s Staff is Looking for Love: Part 1 || STEVE HARVEY

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  • Steve’s staff members work hard to help out the Chief Love Officer, so today he’s returning the favor and helping three of his producers find love!

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    Marcy Hodge says:

    Seems like all the women on your show are single 😐

    Henry Stilwell says:

    That girl in the orange looks cute

    Straight White Male says:

    So white guys aren't having such a bad time huh!

    TheSnowFoxParty says:

    Kyle is adorable asf

    TheSnowFoxParty says:

    I'm looking for a partner in crime too

    Life with JJ says:

    Ron needs a chill pill.

    Josiah James says:

    Shaniece is BEAUTIFUL. Her smile is everything!

    Naomi Roc says:

    I love how Steve is annoyed with the first two.
    2:41: Steve: Okay pick another cute guy Lmfaooo

    Emmanuel Alexander says:

    The white girl took just white guys

    Dragonetta says:

    Steve kills me rolling his eyes. lol

    active life Blog says:

    Ron is too old for her , wow I didn’t think she was over 30 😳

    Ify Nsoha says:

    All in good fun, y'all notice none of the black guys getting picked? Black girls act like it's the black dudes that ain't going for em when they KNOW it's mutual!

    Ify Nsoha says:

    Ron be like what every dude is like on the inside no lie

    Andreanna says:

    Damn the first two chicks are airheads, especially the second one. What happened to a gentleman, a thoughtful man, a motivated man…those qualities will automatically find with what they ask for. That last lady the only one with some standards

    Y v says:

    Kyle looks like a backstreet boy lol

    bacon not cripy says:

    all the white duedes

    JustMe215 says:

    Kyle…seems like he's probably not into women. And its a shame Gino didn't get picked, he's a cutie

    Tiohanne Barrett says:

    The hell I just watched

    TBK says:

    Ron was trying so hard it become needy lol

    RoyalMasterpiece says:

    I liked Gino. I felt bad he didn't get picked.

    Amy Mathers says:

    I wasn’t the only one who thought Ron was doing the most!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    The World Reacts says:

    I’ll take the one in the orange


    I am sorry to say this… I see why those two girls have been single for a long time….

    Mo A Omar says:

    I'm looking for a real relationship that will us to a real marriage 💍

    Mae Mae says:

    Steve's staffs do not listen to his advice at all 😹😹😹 bottom line : we all are tired of our Boss no matter who he is 😹😹😹

    Kladbase says:

    All those 3 women they wouldn't pick in real life……………

    godfrey phiri says:

    Angela looks more serious and hope she got her guy

    ❌HEARTìíż🍓 says:

    Lol. The first three comments I see are about Ron & I haven’t even seen the guys yet 😂

    Mike Nelson says:

    A real job?? Sorry, you’re pretty ‘n all but you’re financing yourself.

    some youtuber says:

    Ron is annoying

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