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  • LIVE FROM THE RED CARPET AT CBS Studios after the FINALE of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, with Rob interviews the final 6 castaways and more!

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    Parkzy 2 says:

    Devens haters: I hate him so much, he's so annoying and gets too much airtime and acts all self-righteous and like he's on top of the w-
    Winner is announced
    Actually, on second thoughts…nvm.

    Ken Danieli says:

    Gavin calls himself PineappleBoy and Rob says nothing?

    sheena123 says:

    Glad Chris won was rooting for him or Lauren
    Chris look hot and handsome in that suit
    Lauren look beautiful
    Glad they saved Joe and Sierra for the last interview

    Charlotte says:

    Devens got robbed

    Lance says:

    Chris got out the player no one else could no matter how hard they tried he earned that win.

    Ger Rit says:

    Can't be mad at Chris, he did his best with the hand he was dealt. Just upset by the twist, made it a bottom 10 season easily.

    The Dynasty Continues says:

    Worst F3 ever.

    Mary Cornett says:

    The win by Chris is BS look how much time he had with the jury

    Jodie Hart says:

    Not happy with the win. Thoroughly disappointed!!!!!!!

    Toxic Boy says:

    I don't know what's worse. Survivor EoE or Game of Thrones Season 8.

    Kaj Hawaii says:

    Poor Gavin, even in the exit interviews he’s being over shadowed by Joe Island . It was a fun season at first because of its unpredictability but it’s not worth a second watch. None of the moves that happened in this season mattered in the end. And next season is idol island… another season where the “returnees” will steal most of the screen time from the first time players.

    Arjen Robbery says:

    Chris deserves to win. His moves at the end were more impressive than anything gavin and Julie did. Don’t hate the player, hate the game

    Arjen Robbery says:

    Lauren got hoodwinked by Chris. Such an amateur mistake. You should never play your idol for someone else, especially that late in the game

    EliteChris35 says:

    That was nice of you guys to black out the comeback winner in the thumbnail haha

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