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  • So I’ve had the Google Pixel 3a for 48 hours and in this video I decided to give you all my opinion on if I think this smartphone can be used as daily driver material.

    Google Pixel 3a Cases:
    Spigen Liquid Clear Case – https://amzn.to/2YnGX5r
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    Spigen Rough Armor Case – https://amzn.to/2Vs3pNw
    Yiakeng Shock Absorbent Case – https://amzn.to/2DX80wu

    Google Pixel 3a Specs & Details:

    WHERE I GET MUSIC FROM – http://bit.ly/EpidemicSoundCKT
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    WHERE I GOT MY CHAIR FROM – http://bit.ly/SLCKidTech
    Discord Group – http://bit.ly/DiscordCSquad

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    What I use to make my videos!
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    ► Multi-Purpose Macbook Pro Adapter – https://amzn.to/2EhuSHF

    #TeamPixel #GiftFromGoogle #Pixel3a


    CKidTech says:

    What's up people! Let me know what you all think of this one! Hope you all enjoy…thanks for watching! What phones are you all rocking?

    Donald Easterbrooks says:

    Great idea for a video, you definitely have your own voice in this space and it's refreshing. I think the police interrogation part could be something you do in multiple parts, short 1-2 min clips in 3 parts released throughout a day. It would grab my attention :)…just a thought. Maybe some snark responses by the pixel, aka Jake Peralta esque. "You want the truth, you can't handle the truth". Awesome job!

    V WorldWide says:

    Nice one man good stuff.

    Bernard BJ Macon says:

    Broooooooo! Dope video! You nailed it

    Septien Patterson says:

    My man made a better parody than SNL

    Vyyyper says:

    Bruh asked the best question of 2019: What were your whereabouts on October 9, 2018???? Lmao yyyyyaassss that’s the question of questions!!!!

    TerryWarfield says:

    Haha DOPE!!!!!!!!

    Calvin Green says:

    Excellent intro…

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