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  • The IMPOSSIBLE Excalibur Puzzle!!

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    Today I’m going to attempt to solve this extremely difficult burr puzzle. This puzzle is known as excalibur and the whole point is to remove the sword from the box puzzle while moving around the parts and put it back to how it was. Can I solve it?

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    It is designed by Stephan Baumegger.
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    Jose Merlos says:

    My boy have you seen Mr. Puzzles excalibur video and his proposals to give you a helping hand with your excalibur problem you should check it out

    sisgaia says:

    I haven't gone all the way through yet, but I have seen where the "Excalibur" piece drops down. I noticed that places the upper and lower square sections below the holes that they were in, and could theoretically allow the piece to move laterally. I am guessing that will be crucial to the solution.

    Toys IQ says:

    So you really could not take the sword out? So how can I? 🙁

    InsomNia Nachos says:

    Rewatching to prep for part 2!

    Krzysztof Jaskuła says:

    01.05.2019 Chris came back to Excalibur 🙂

    Edda233 says:

    First off, the sword in the stone is called Calburn. Excalubur is the sword that the Lady of the Lake gave to Arthur after he broke the sword in the stone. Its the one that rises out of the waters. I could see if they just wanted to use the Burr pun, but honestly you could make that work with Calburn to, just call it the Calburr puzzle. 0/10 for accuracy.

    Second off I see people telling him to change his name to Arthur and that will enable him to draw forth the sword. That's stupid. The draw conditions of Calburn were that the aspirant be the rightwise king of England. Basically you need the Queen to adopt you, and then assassinate the current Heir to the throne of England. Only then will the puzzle yield to you the holy blade.

    Frostypwns says:

    Spin the hilt? Looks like it moves

    Brennen Randolph says:

    The only thing that irritates me about this puzzle is the name. Excalibur is not the sword in the Stone. The lady of lake gave Excalibur to Arthur. I know it's a play on the word bur but still

    Daniel Hazelton says:

    I noticed the handle of the sword moves but you dont seem to test it too much?? Maybe turn the handle when the central column drops?

    alex sands says:

    I really want to buy these but is there a site that is english as I am from the UK

    Attaram Khachachhara says:

    You're not the chosen one

    Quinn Smyth says:

    Did you try spinning?

    elijah duran says:

    Once I'd get that sword out I'd fucken kill myself

    Alastor Silverblade says:

    I didn't notice you try to twist the sword, did you? If not, isn't that worth a try?

    nooyess says:

    lemme try! i liked not knowing if you were going to finish it. gave the video some suspense

    ANONYMOUS says:

    When he did the time lapse, it reminded me of solving a rubiks cube

    stanley Stalion says:

    The excalibur might go out from bellow, try to think backward

    Electronic. Arts. says:

    The king arthur's legend steals content from warframe.

    Mateja Malich says:

    Chris Ramsey: Damn, what am I gonna do with all these memento mori puzzles?

    Gleam: Hi. I exist.

    Chris Ramsey: You do, do you?

    Robert Hughes says:

    The Excalibur is a legendary weapon for legendary heroes (not you)

    Mike Brown says:

    What if you are supposed to pull the Excalibur through the bottom of the puzzle

    Psycho Wolf says:

    It's a binary Puzzle

    Felicia Belladona says:

    Why are puzzles like this so pretty?

    Master Kairi says:

    just like when markiplier played bennet fobbys game getting over it i will tell you chris you CAN do this and we have seen your mastery already so its only a matter of time

    Klemenplus Maša says:

    Wow that so Cool I wanna here one 😮😮😮😮🔐😮😮😋😎

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