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  • The Main Themes of Black Mirror

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  • In today’s video, we take a look at the four main themes of Black Mirror and how it explores our growing relationship with technology. Although the series isn’t anti-tech or a collection of cautionary tales, it dives into troubling “what if” scenarios that question certain aspects of our human nature.

    1. Individual Flaws
    2. Social Flaws
    3. Mutual Progression
    4. Reality

    Video essay made by Moises & Sergio Velasquez

    ————-Editor’s notes:

    * The Annabel Jones quotes are from: Inside Black Mirror by Charlie Brooker

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    Losing You by Eduardo Gonzalez

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    Screened says:

    So, what is your favorite Black Mirror episode?

    Sonny Red says:

    Thank you for these amazing videos that u put out guy's 🙂

    Awddry says:

    Your videos are so well pull together and fascinating to watch I hope you get more recognition in the future

    Julilolmo 19 says:

    Incredible solamente eso.
    En serio la forma en que analizan las cosas es asombrosa
    Por favor sigan adelante su trabajo es de lo mejor en YouTube

    Junc W says:

    Cough epistemology cough

    fdd says:

    Smartphone bad internet bad technology bad

    uno23sleep says:

    Good job!😀 👍

    Scrambled Egg Special says:

    Another interesting analysis. Keep up the good work.

    cp1925 says:

    I love this channel

    Erika Lopez says:

    You got my mind fucked up at 10:50

    karl chandran says:

    The show does a good job in exploring the evils of technology. Most importantly, the peoples reaction to technology, and how it effects their lives.

    Rhino in a suit says:

    I'm still never going to watch the first episode.

    Casual says:

    wow you guys are amazing

    Matt Galloway says:

    Great discussion piece!

    Philipp says:

    To be fair atleast in 2:30: she DID cheat on him!

    Mohamd Safwat says:

    It's not the best episode but the scary one was white Christmas

    Alvaro Guerrero says:

    Really good video.

    Erik Nickles says:

    awesome video very cerebral

    Nintony says:

    nosedive is literally china

    BeeBee says:

    These videos make me appreciate the show so much more

    My name is Jeff 21 says:

    This is way too high quality for only 400 views. Its mad how underrapreciated you are. Loved the video.

    HorrorsDiegest says:

    Yessss you guys are gonna blow up soon great video

    Giraffe Meme Lord says:

    You guys are super underrated tbh

    kape siyan says:

    Screened, you make the most amazing videos. They are so deep!! I can just feel how much work is put into these!!

    kape siyan says:

    I'm really freaking out.

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