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  • The TRUTH About Gypsy Rose Blanchard Being Engaged

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  • Gypsy Rose Blanchard is in prison for 10 years for the murder of her mother Dee Dee. Recently, Gypsy Rose Blanchard got engaged and it raises a lot of questions. With What happened to Gypsy Rose Blanchard by being the victim of muchausen by proxy, there are many struggles she faces. She’s opened up about this in interviews with Dr. Phil and many other news outlets, and we see more of it in The Act on Hulu. In the following article, a psychologist weighs in.

    Article: https://www.insideedition.com/psychologist-weighs-gypsy-rose-blanchards-reported-engagement-52189

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    The Rewired Soul says:

    If you're struggling with overcoming trauma or relationships, give online therapy a try: https://tryonlinetherapy.com/rewiredsoul

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    xsullengirlx says:

    I don't think anyone in recovery or in a healing process of any kind should get into a serious relationship – but in the case of Gypsy it's even more concerning because her emotional maturity isn't the same as others, due to her years of isolation. Her one experience in a relationship was with a psychopath & ended in murder. I think she's just wanting someone to take care of her but I really hope she has a better support system around her than just a predatory man looking to hitch himself to the infamous Gypsy Rose.

    Positively Udo says:

    Well… 50% of marriages are doomed anyway 😂

    Alisha says:

    I so agree with what you said. A lot in prison have mental illness and serious traumas. I wish they could fix the system to make it different. A lot get punished when they actually need psychiatric help

    Jenna Panda says:

    An accomplice yes murderer no. Survivor definitely

    lilly s says:

    Im codependent bc my mom died when I was almost 14. My bf has his own family issues but we help each other heal . Some people shouldn’t be in relationships tho

    X.Petals says:

    Damn tho-imagine killing a hoe for a girl her MOM and her marrying another dude?-nah,miss me with that bullshit

    Lana Mel Rae says:

    Chris, when you took a year and a half break from dating, was it part of your addiction recovery with a twelve step program strongly encouraging it? Or was this during a different time of your life? Honestly, I’m just curious cuz I know they recommend it in AA. Either way, I think people should be as honest with themselves as possible, taking time to evaluate and work on themselves whenever. Not just when someone suggests it to you. “My boy, my boy, my boy” is 4 years sober and he stopped dating for a year after starting his recovery.
    *sorry bout the Billie Eilish joke, I realize it isn’t very funny 🤫🤓

    Krisy Doman says:

    Gypsie must not have had a very good lawyer to end up in jail after all the abuse she suffered.

    Melissa Jones says:

    I’d be interested to hear what the people who think Gypsy Rose DIDN’T murder her mother think of Charles Manson 🤷🏻‍♀️

    *Murder by proxy? Too soon..?

    Erin Vandalayyy says:

    I think the mindset of a person who would get engaged to a girl behind bars who they have never even spent real time with is another factor. Sounds like it could be a weird guy, someone with an agenda or someone looking for a meek type person to manipulate. I could be wrong, but it's strange.

    sherry jones says:

    Did Dee Dee murder her mother?

    Krystal says:

    Yes, she was convicted but you saying that she’s the murderer isn’t accurate and is telling your audience the wrong information. As someone who works in criminal justice, it is VERY different. In the last video, you also didn’t even mention munchausen by proxy, which is a HUGH reason for this situation.

    Cosmic Giggler says:

    My thing on the story is that I don’t think she had to kill her mom to get away from her.. the story is pretty twisted. I love watching it for sure, but I wonder how much is a lie vs the truth. We only get to hear basically one side. Not any of her moms- clearly. Not justifying any crap Gypsy has gone through, but I always wonder about the full story when one person is deceased and unable to give their side.
    All in all I hope she’s good when she gets out. One sided stories are never the full story from what I’ve learned

    KittieOnALeash says:

    I would love to hear your opinion on the show The Act in the future! 🙂

    Daisy Galvan says:

    I agree with you that Gypsy should focus on herself first before going into a serious relationship.

    Michele Blais says:

    I agree with you. It is not fair to get into a relationship if you have so much baggage that you have not dealt with. I have been divorced 3x and finally have stayed alone now for 12 years and I am in therapy trying to deal with my borderline personality disorder isssues. 🙂💞

    Ashley McKnight says:

    Also, I agree that no one in the middle of dealing with healing themselves is prepared for a serious relationship. Its much like newly sober people in a way. Everything is probably still very raw right now, and she needs to learn first how to be a functioning adult because up until now shes only ever done as shes been told. The one relationship she did have was one that had its own problems. She is also very likely still "young at mind" given how young she had to act, so she probably sees some fairy tale ending which sadly, in our world, most of the time doesnt exist.

    halkinaurus says:

    Thank you for making these videos on the case! I watched Gypsy's Revenge yesterday along with her testimony in court (her ex-boyfriend's case, which I guess you have open on the computer behind you). I do also think that she should get help instead of being in prison. I'm not saying that what she did was right but she had been abused her whole life and she saw no other way out. She probably thought that if she left her mother would always find her. And it seems to me that she does feel remorse even though she is also seemingly relieved. I also saw a comment the other day that I've been thinking about: since her mother faked Gypsy had cancer and tons of other problems, would Dee Dee ended up killing her in order to keep the story believable? And if she did, I bet she would've never been caught. It's just a thought and a speculation but it's an interesting one. I don't really have a strong opinion on her recent engagement. I think she deserves some happiness in her life but I also think she should get loads of help with her mental issues/traumas she surely has before getting out and starting a new life with someone. But anyways, I'm looking forward to see other videos you make of this topic (and I do definitely like your other videos a lot too).

    Ashley McKnight says:

    I was on of the commentors who said labeling her a murderer was kind of unfair. I hope I didnt come across as rude, but to clarify I actually just meant I feel like her willingness to conspire her mothers murder only existed because of her abuse and a deep desire to be freed of her. She even says often in interviews now that her mother didnt deserve that, and she gets emotional talking about how they had made up that night from an argument. That being said,there are people who believe she herself may suffer from some level of psychopathy just from learning how to manipulate by observing her mom. I'm not sure I personally subscribe to that thought, but many people do so its worth acknowledging.

    Brandi Carlson says:

    I feel so terrible for Gypsy. I am torn between he being this terrible person and all the fucked up shit she went through. Can you imagine living her life? And the only way out is to trust the 1st person you meet to kill your mom? Lol I agree she should be getting mental health support. Such a sad story but I'm glad she is thriving.. Even if it is in jail lol

    Naomi White says:

    I don’t even understand how Gypsy could meet someone in prison and then get engaged? … makes you wonder the character of the person wanting to get engaged to a young woman in prison for murder ?
    Maybe I’m off base but truly it baffles my mind

    Marlena thorvald says:

    I think it depends on the people and the situation. I don't think we can say what's right for everyone. You have to look at each situation on a case by case

    K A says:

    You're going to get a lot of views for this topic! 😂😂

    R.D. Hayes says:

    Our prison system is broken and I agree, many of today’s prisoner’s should be treated by a proper mental health doctor. Some say she didn’t kill her mother, but in reality she did. She may have not held the knife, but she manipulated the individual who did; maybe the same way she was manipulated her entire life. Gypsy needs serious help. Many people who have co-dependency issues often run to the first person who shows them affection. They long to be loved. I hope I’m making sense. I have hemiplegic migraines and they mess with my vision.

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