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  • Thousands of Animals NOW Fleeing Yellowstone SuperVolcano | Peck Report Ep. 216

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  • Josh and Christina Peck, discuss the strange event’s that are happening in Yellowstone national park. Why are the animals fleeing? Do they somehow sense that the volcano is about to erupt?

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    Daily Renegade says:

    Make sure to become a Daily Renegade Member and have access to full videos, ad-free, at https://joshpeckdisclosure.com/membership-account/membership-levels/

    sunwarz says:

    We can't stop what's happening on earth, earthquakes ,volcanoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, no more than we can stop what's happening on our sun and every other planet in our solar system right now! Its bigger than earth scientists, its a cyclical galactic, occurrence, we know next to nothing about because we have never experienced anything like it ever in our recorded history! But they do know its happened before more than once and includes a poll shift, and many earth catastrophes, and extinction's, and remapping of the world! Of course they don't want to tell you that, they don't want panic, they want to claim carbon foot print and make people think its fixable, and not to panic, and to blame the creeping up of the events off as change an expected human caused event, but its not! Things will just escalate and get much worse, it will effect ,jobs, economy, food , water, infrastructure, communications,transportation land, air and boat, and space! It will also be effecting, the sun, planets, moons and asteroids in our solar system!

    Danny Mack says:

    The Father is getting his animal army ready for the unbelievers and abomination among you

    Danny Mack says:

    However here in Scotland we are having earth quakes at Faslane of all places , God defo at work

    Danny Mack says:

    Man need to stop trying to be God, least he provokes Gods anger, opps too late America

    thxfthr says:

    Josh, you should ask Steve Q about this and see if he down plays it like he normally does.

    Penny C says:

    Well, I live here very close to Yellowstone and I love it. Though it is a geologically active, it IS NOT fixing to blow. If it ever does, it will not be a surprise. It will give plenty of warning. In the meantime the changes in the hot spots in the lake are normal, as well as the changes in the geyser fields. But, should it ever erupt as it has in the past, it really won’t matter where you live in the U. S. There is no safe place from the results of such a blast. But, please, stop hyping a Yellowstone eruption. It’s NOT happening anytime soon.

    Chuck Redhill says:

    Josh, you and your wife are two beautiful people…….however, you wife is just crazy gorgeous……. You don't qualify for gorgeous, but very handsome. I enjoy yall's programs. So may you and wife keep bringing us these eye opening reports. We live in strange biblical times that will turn supernatural for everyone and may they seek Yeshua…it's going to get cray cray brother.

    Terry Doster says:

    You two are looking great!

    Jason Ezekiel says:

    @Daily Renegade Humans have literally ZERO effect on 'Climate Change' There is more and more evidence that this is a Solar System-wide Phenomenon that is being driven by the Sun, which, is actually going into what is called a "Grand Solar Minimum", which a LOT of scientists are predicting will cause a new "Mini-Ice-Age". The Sun has been observed as having far less than normal SunSpot activity over the last 12 or so months, and the surface temperature of the Sun has actually dropped significantly!!! We are lining in a time of great change, and it would behoove us all to do a little bit of research into it, ESPECIALLY the whole "Climate Change Agenda". People like Al Gore and others like him, are in my opinion, extreme self-loathing individuals that do not look at REAL science, but rely on the Pseudo-scientific researchers, who observe the climate changing and do EVERYTHING they can to attribute it to Man, ignoring actual PRIMARY research sources that do not concur with their own theories! EVERY SINGLE PLANET in our System is changing significantly! PLEASE do some research and you will find this to be true!

    Wanda Nevers says:

    Geoengineering…always possible and nature…natural aspects
    Always possible, too. Hji global warming/climate cha nge…not so much

    Wanda Nevers says:

    Geoengineering…always possible and nature…natural aspects

    Michelle S. says:

    They're definitely sensing something.

    DeeDeeDIY says:

    We visited Yellowstone in September. While there a geyser erupted that had not in many years and it lasted for over 30 minutes. The week after we were there Ear Spring erupted and destroyed part of its rim. A new geyser in the vacinity also destroyed part of the boardwalk. A volcano is driven by magma. It's a dynamic feature that ebbs and flows with pressures and heat. Maybe it will blow, maybe it wont. I was there in the 60s and many features were more volatile then than now. Also, Roaring mountain wasnt roaring at all. Maybe a hiss if you listened hard enough. Just thought you'd like to know Christina. The absurdity that humankind cant chage a volcano and weather is just laughable. The earth has gone thru cycles and will keep doing so. Just as there is a rock cycle and a water cycle there is a weather cycle.

    Lana Hill says:

    I heard from several others…Yellowstone wont blow big any time soon ? Apparently the "BIG BLOW" of Yellowstone will be either at the end of tribulation, when Jesus comes back to do battle with satan and splits the earth or when God comes down from Heaven and shakes his fist (the earth, starts and heavens will be rolled up like a scroll) after the 1000 yr reign. ??? IDK…?

    Kristin j.r. says:

    Companion animals have been used to alert diabetics when they have low blood sugar, and other, untrained animals, have alerted their epileptic owners of impending seizures. I've personally witnessed cats, dogs and birds freak out right before earthquakes and solar eclipses. People with demonic spiritual attack in their homes say pets will become aggressive or fearful when there is supernatural activity ramping up, things that are imperceptible to our senses. If the animals are fleeing Yellowstone, there's a good reason.

    rick Vo says:

    you have a hole in your sock. hehe

    NoBaloney Mahoney says:

    Oh, Thumbs ☝ up

    NoBaloney Mahoney says:

    Interesting because this morning I stumbled upon a live Yellowstone camera. As I watched I noticed the odd release of steam making shapes and black shadow shapes. Truly freaked me out because I thought I was losing it! Maybe not if animals are on the run. Thank you Josh and your son has been in my prayers.

    overbuilt automotive says:

    April 2014 news around that time is say they run off then i did not read much just headlines now its may have just scared them n then calmed back down n now they be running again fer the big one or just may be gases scaring them off

    Peggy MARGARET says:

    Cali has earthquakes swarms, some close to volcanoes, Yellowstone is getting more active, other volcanoes are blowing… I can join Fri! Thanks for all you do.

    John E. Pezze says:

    I know this doesn't have to do with Yellowstone but how was your little boy I hope he's doing well he's in our prayers

    Ruttigorn Logsdon says:

    You are 100% correct the volcanic activity is the cause of world wide climate change that happens under our feet, I was told this from a guy that lived in Anarctica for 2 years he worked with the USGS. What do you need to make a hot water humidifier work? You need a pinch of salt to steam the water, the oceans being heated causes a lot of climate change and is very salty and there is a lot of volcanic activity under the ocean!

    jess butler says:

    I totally agree w/Gary Hurt also

    Uh Huh says:

    Wow, you both look great!

    RCCollins says:

    I think I saw that movie, NASA travels to the center of earth's cavity and deposits 50 metric tons of Pepto-Bismol and saves the earth!

    Kimberly ann says:

    Video of animals fleeing?

    L G says:

    They are geomagnetically sensitive in a more amplified way than humans. This is how they attune their migration patterns. The incoming planetary system is causing disarray in the magnetic field, thereby effecting the animals

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