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  • Tranmere vs LFC 0-6 – All Goals & Highlights 2019

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    Sheikh Mansour Manchester City Owner says:

    This is a humble request from me to Liverpool fans , to account wether it is possible that they might teach our fans Cityzens
    about singing and creating atmospheres and behave like an actual club, because these people have gone through a lot , from getting fucked by Middlesbrough and Portsmouth , to Selling their souls , and now the Champions Of England . Now , it may be true that they don't deserve any success ; It may be true that they are pathetic , but come on !!! They are our fans , that's it . We are expanding this club now , this is a great moment as our Business Executives have arranged a plan for buying new fans from all around the globe . The club is surley on a rising .

    And yeah I fuck the Cityzens cuz they allow me to , in exchange of changing their club , you know ,

    Mystogan L____ says:

    "Divock Berbatov Origi"

    We don't need a new forward if he and Brewster will be fit

    Wilson and Kent, Keita, Ox, Lallana midfield

    Larouci, Hoever, Clyne, Van Den Berg defence

    Maybe only a new keeper needed if Migs leaves

    Klopp was right afterall, we may not need to spend !!!

    Boubacar Mane says:

    Love Liverpool FC fans

    Chandler Smith says:

    Kent, Brewster, Wilson really impressed me

    Molan RM says:

    Houver 💪

    Lvrpl Fqn says:

    Larouci was brilliant

    The One Whose Name Can't Be Pronounced says:

    Clyne finally getting game time!

    Alex_77 240 says:

    Yess a vidéo of liverpool

    staffo-14x9 says:

    great win 💪

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