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  • It’s tough to turn around your bad credit if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why Steve is here with Ashton Henry to share how to fix your credit!

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    PlanB-TV says:

    This is great Job.

    MistaRudeBoy says:

    Ashton is their sugar daddy

    V says:

    im so glad I decided to fix mine in my early 20s

    IJ Surname says:

    This is a great advertisement for a man who seems to prey on people with poor credit.

    No knowledge or advice was shared here, just a paid advertisement.

    No one needs to pay to improve their credit, just pull your own credit reports, which is free and check the FAQs for the websites of each credit bureau on how to dispute errors and do your best to pay off everything that isn't incorrect.

    d945 gcl says:

    How can you cancel this show

    Suzzette Lettman says:

    Do your thing my Grenada brother, proud of you man, may God continue to bless you to bless others like uncle Steve 👏.

    Cronic Svnc says:

    Man Steve is someone to look up to I really love how he helps people lives and help the need and gives so much and I love watching him all day really someone I look up to hoping I can go to the show just to thank him and tell him how nice and how much he’s changed peoples life it’s crazy

    Samantha Yarbrough says:

    Jenelle is GetbodiedbyJ and was on Wendy Williams for black market butt injections. She's a really nice beautiful woman, hate that she got those butt injections

    I Share U Watch says:

    Love the show

    Gwendolyn Bartell says:

    Very helpful!

    Olgales Suida says:

    I used an American Express for traveling only. When I stop traveling, I continue to pay the yearly fee but eventually gave up the card. To avoid ANY debt, I paid cash for everything which leaves you w/ a zero credit history. thankfully I have plenty of 💰 on hand so I don't have to rely on creditors.

    Kimber Waul says:

    He sounds like he's from one of our islands! Where is he from? He sounds eastern…

    My name is Jeff says:

    Dave Ramsey should see this

    Juliette f.g says:

    I'm gonna try him.

    Zee-k Richards says:

    https://youtu.be/9MMusWjdz9Q watch this

    rochelle thundercloud says:

    There is something called nontraditional credit. Also,avoid debt consolidation loans,payday loans,title loans,store credit cards. Use cash as much as possible.balance your checkbook.study receipts,bank statements,credit card statements,bills,any insurance policies.you may be double billed.

    Mohamed Abdi says:

    In my opinion, credit cards and credit score is scum, you should not loan money to maintain a lifestyle that you can't afford. Live below your means. Spend less then you earn

    God's Will & Favor Blessed says:

    This is great information about credit scores. Thanks good looking out for us.

    monica monet says:

    I tried every number that was posted on mr Ashton page I had my gf reach out to on IG.. I wanted to talk to him but he never returned one call. But then some lady txt me asking for my number . . I gave her my number and nobody never called me.. I even emailed Steve Harvey cause at this point I started feeling like this was a gag or something ..I don’t know what to think about this.. I was really excited to be disappointed cause I still have yet to talk to anyone and that was last month

    Dessy Rose says:

    Wow that is so awesome for them. I’m wondering how my credit is being affected rn???

    Hiro The Hero says:

    Dumbest women ever. Loll

    Purple Lover says:

    The way Jennifer is repeatedly saying… "Ashton…" lol fixing her hair, stumbling on her words.. whats going on ? Lol

    M Jara says:

    The phone number listed on his website is disconnected: 1-800-809-4085??? @Steve

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