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  • TV Anchor FIRED For Asking OBVIOUS Baltimore Mayor Question!

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  • Mary Bubala, a Baltimore WJZ TV anchor was ousted days after she received backlash for asking a question surrounding the identity and leadership abilities of the city’s recent mayors (Catherine Pugh, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Sheila Dixon) that some viewers deemed offensive.

    Bubala confirmed her departure in a Facebook post Tuesday and said the station she’s worked at since 2003 was “forced” to let her go.

    “In my 22 years of working in TV news in Baltimore – 15 of those years with WJZ – I have always treated people with the utmost respect and dignity. I loved my job because I loved the people of Baltimore,” Bubala wrote in the post. “…Unfortunately, I now stand in the path of the tornado. WJZ was forced to let me go. I am saddened and shocked by this decision. Baltimore City has been my home for 25 years and I treasure and am so grateful for the relationships I have made with the people of Baltimore during this time.”

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    Baltimore TV Anchor Fired For Allegedly Biased Question Regarding Past Mayors

    NYC mayor looks to undo Giuliani-era welfare reforms

    Baltimore TV anchor Mary Bubala ousted after asking controversial question about city’s recent mayors


    Karo French says:

    Did u hear about the weatherman who got fired for pronouncing martin luther king wrong?

    Beeldenstormer says:

    I thought it was about the people, not about race. As if the color of someone's skin ever did solve common troubles in society. It's about focus: on the people or on their skin color. As long as it's the latter, we are wasting our valuable time which could be used for solving real problems between people I think.
    Because, obviously, for some people is the relationship with their skin stronger than their affection for people who try not to drop references to their skin all the time. It's ridiculous if you think of it.

    Buzz Killington says:

    "It seems to be kind of a double standard" Woooooow….. Brillance.

    Gordon Hamilton says:


    Nate Hester says:

    Let the people vote for who they want. Fuck it. Live and let live.

    Mary Wills says:

    I hadn't heard about this question before, but sounds so outright racist/sexist it begs explanation. Maybe there is an explanation—like all these women came out of one particular group of democrats?

    Mr. Hardtruth says:

    These small liberal political stepping stone offices is where America is getting destroyed from the bottom up . And no the lady should't have been fired . Doing the same thing over & over again & expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity , Need I say more ?

    M M says:

    Facebook and Twitter will also ban you for asking questions that they find "uncomfortable to their ideologies".

    BTW — Condeleeza Rice was one of the worst career politicians of her time … She had ZERO credibility when dealing with foreign affairs (given that she really was never tuned to dealing with foreigners in the first place). She was a "Yes boss" person for Jr. Bush when he pushed the WMD theory. She is complicit in the war crimes death of a million innocent Iraqis along with the rest of Bush's cabinet. I'm a republican supporter, but not for the likes of Ms Rice that you think would have been great.

    closerange DI says:

    AGREED! Great points as always my brother!

    Sammarithinang Pannarith says:

    People don’t know what’s going on around them. They don’t do any research most of the time, so when voting comes along, they vote on who they think will relate best to them, which is defaulted to party and race. It becomes a popularity or beauty contest, rather than a race for the most qualified candidate. It doesn’t help that the Democrats run on victim hood and identity politics.

    Tom Pavoggi says:

    Freedom of speech is only for the leftist who think they are above the law.. Ask Hillary Clinton..

    Trevian Hughes says:

    As someone who been living in this city for 20 years yes it's all true from incompetent political leadership to what look like infant crime combined with a failed school system.
    Don't believe me they just did a investigation on public schools and found out that the school system's was changing and manipulateing the students grades just to keep government funding

    Jacqueline Ford says:

    Good God is Condo a transgender too? Look at that photo!!!

    Lance M says:

    I don't take Democrats seriously. Especially Christian Democrats.

    Liz Belinoski says:

    I love the "wrap it up with a bow"!!!😊

    paul riggall says:

    Whites aren't allowed to question, only to shut up and be blamed for everything.

    I know who's pushing this garbage, lots of people are waking up fast to this hustling. They are trying to push a race war, but it won't work. They will only succeed in being thrown out of another country.

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