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  • My REACTION of content and joy for the 2019 Gold Cup Group Stage contest between the USA squad we used to know and Guyana.

    Despite Guyana trying their hardest and getting a decent amount of time on the ball, it was the USMNT who opened up this game, scoring 4 goals thanks to Tyler Boyd, Paul Arriola and a sprightly Gyasi Zardes.

    It was a refreshing change to see a USMNT squad actually interested in scoring goals and to actually have a half decent performance even though there is still a ton left to be desired in possession and from the creative use of Christian Pulisic.

    Looking forward to how this USA squad will do in the group against Panama and Trindad and Tobago, but otherwise very content about the performance!

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    TheRymac1010 says:

    Give yourself 6-10 inches of room above your head. It’s a framing issue.

    Pranav Rao says:

    This channel is sick I love the enthusiasm. Keep going man!

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