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  • back again with another vans collection video! last summer i focused on the van gogh collection they came out with and this time its harry potter!! hope you guys like this video!

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    VANS X VAN GOGH | Try On Haul

    This collection stole my heart from the moment I saw the photos online!! My grandma's favorite artist was Van Gogh so this collection called to me on an emotional level ok !!

    In this video I run through the two pairs of shoes and two items of clothing I was able to purchase in store on the release date. Hope you guys like the video! Let me know if any of you have the Almond Blossom bomber and if its worth the money!!

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    Sovadea says:

    I'm a Ravenclaw too and, I reckon they had a bit more wiggle room to make more with the Ravenclaw blue shirt etc. Also, I SERIOUSLY wanted Van Gogh stuff. As an artist, I wanted some of the stuff of course. Without even being a big fan of Vans. The pink sweater with his signature on it was dreamy to me. Another thing is that we Australian's over here don't get many of these releases. I tried asking a friend for their mum to try and get one on their trip over at the same time of that release and they'd forgotten. I can't blame them, it's just inconvenience for fans like us. I've been looking to get the Gryffindor socks for her birthday, but I'm not even sure they'll deliver here yet… Love that.
    And yes, the death eater sweatshirt isn't online so bummer for me.
    <3 Thanks for your video! At least you got the pieces you wanted. 🙂

    Jamie Wheeler says:

    would 100% watch a vans collection video if you ever felt like you had enough to make one!

    Alexea Malaletkin says:

    My friend got the death eater iridescent green sneakers and I'm obsessedddddd

    Caitlin Wilken says:

    i bought the snitch sneakers & the hufflepuff slip ons. so excited to wear the snitch shoes 😀 yeah, hufflepuff's shoes are boring but im a hufflepuff & wanted to support my house. to me it's ok that they're simple. idk if i would've bought them if they were all over the place or too much yellow (even though that's the main color while black should be the accent). they'd go very well with the hufflepuff cap i got at wizarding world that's black with the insignia for huffepuff & yellow for the brim. still gonna show off my hufflepuff pride

    Keidy Reyes says:

    I'm a hufflepuff and I didn't really like the shoes either. I want the snitch shoes they are so perfect. xoxoxo

    Nathalie says:

    I love the Huffelpuff ones and I wished the made a slip-on for every house. Because I really wanted a Slytherin slip-on.

    Johanna Miranda says:

    Lol. Skis. How tall are you, Noelle?

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