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  • Video shows elderly man pushed off bus, causing his death

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  • Police in Las Vegas have released video that shows a woman pushing an elderly man off a bus in March. The 74-year-old man later died from his injuries, and the woman is charged with murder. Cadesha Bishop, 25, was arrested May 6 and charged with open murder of an elderly-vulnerable person. CBS News’ Nichelle Medina reports.


    S K G says:

    We wuz kingz bruh
    White man wuz evil
    We dindu nuffin

    S K G says:

    We wuz kingz bruh
    White man wuz evil
    We dindu nuffin

    Eric Adams says:

    Lock her up and never let her out.. she has issues.

    n adams says:

    Why is there no nationwide outrage over this? It is a HATE crime and should be dealt with as such!!!!!!

    Alex Kim says:

    W T F 😠😠😠😠

    Carl says:

    Cadesha Bishop…… rot in prison you nasty scank

    jake says:

    She needs the death penalty dont need people like that around

    Adam says:

    She’s white so no jail time

    Guinevere of Beauty says:

    Poor man! That was a high fall he took! Lock her up!

    Regulator TD says:

    You can take them out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of them

    Wise Man says:

    Everyone is saying she should be locked up for life. Why waste the taxpayers money? Saudi Arabia Execution style is what she deserved for killing that poor elderly man.

    RainFlower MoonGlow says:

    What a monster this piece of crap is. I hope they throw the book at her!

    Hans Landa says:

    Another kind Wakanda people

    Nino Jacimovski says:


    ghost kitty says:

    Why didn't the bus driver stop and help?

    KING BLACK PANTHER 9000 says:

    Just you stereotypical Black woman. Fat,Ghetto,Bi Polar,Aggressive and prone to violence. It's a shame this dumb b#tch cant get the death penalty. Women rarely get the death or lengthy prison sentences.

    Nikki Burris says:

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    Broly Firmly Disagrees! says:

    All he said was"be nice" and you do that??

    Broly Firmly Disagrees! says:

    She doesn't need freedom

    Paulo K says:

    Don't worry, michelle obama will spring her out of the joint, just like he did with juicy smellit.

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