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  • Watch: Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger struck by flying kick

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  • Hollywood actor and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was attacked while attending an event in South Africa’s Johannesburg. A man approached Schwarzenegger from behind while he was signing autographs and taking pictures with fans, and drop-kicked him. He was immediately restrained. The actor-turned-politician, however, barely flinched after the assault.


    Red Wine Please says:

    Oh crap!
    Watch the loser copycats crawl out from under their rocks to assault celebs so they get their 15 minutes of social media fame.

    R0B says:

    Too bad USA didn't have a real president like Arnold. You know if trump was dropped kick like that, he would go into cardiac arrest….

    Jae Moon says:

    I don't even want to know why he did it. Stupid people.

    S O says:

    Just like Egg Boy! Hate or Love the victim, youth is getting out of control! Time to take them down a few notches! I was spanked, my husband got the "switch" and we are under 40. It's not abuse to correct your kids unacceptable behavior. We ourselves tried the "reasoning" calm approach, then the corner, then taking away privileges and grounding. But if there is violent behavior they have to immediately SINCERELY apologize and properly care for the others wound they inflicted usually involving getting a band-aid/alcohol-wipe for the wounded to put on themselves as not to touch others blood and/or an ice pack. It's taught them that they are responsible for their behavior and injury is a serious matter, no matter if done in good fun or from a place of anger. They play more carefully with each other and others. They also have swayed from lashing out violently to a more internal pause followed by communicating why they are upset. I receive compliments all the time from strangers especially from the elderly on the impressively good behavior of my children, even when they are not on their best behavior which tells me many things about today's youth. My children often ask me to correct other children's behavior. I explain to them it is not my place and all they can control in their own actions and emotions. But there are situations that require my involvement when my children are at risk like the other day. A 8-9 year old boy is running around with a dangerously jaggedly-pointed broken branch and is thrusting it at young children including my own. I stepped in and politely asked him to hand it to me. This 9/10 year old says "My mom let's me" as I look over and Mom is buried in her phone. I explain to him "If your actions have potential to hurt my child, your mother has no say on how I protect my child." I bite my tongue a lot it's getting harder and harder as parents are getting more and more distracted. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR KIDS & FOR GOODNESS SAKE CORRECT THEM!!

    keef davis says:

    Neo hasn't finished his training.

    Michael silberstein says:

    Someone thought that the same rules that apply to little dogs apply to him

    frankthespank says:

    What a piece of shit. That bodyguard should of kicked his head in.

    Dick Dickinson says:

    Commiting suicide by pissing Arnold off.

    NO Y says:

    He barely moved, this guy is a real coward that needs to be left alone in a room with Arnold alone

    Austin says:

    saying i drop kicked the terminator is pretty cool but this video is not. Hope that kid gets put into a wheel chair

    PRINCE 88 eighty-eight says:

    What’s with the background music man!!!! Like he got murdered in a horror movie

    Chris B says:

    Does this mean anyone who sees this kid can do the same to him at anytime or anyplace?

    Jason Perez says:

    That's for Tookie…

    Rob C says:

    All those security guards and nobody had the awareness to prevent this from happening? SMH. Arnold needs to hire a whole new crew.

    ariel martinez says:

    Hey kid Thats the T-800 not the T-1000🤦🏻‍♂️ good terminator good

    Dan Morgan says:

    Wow. Dude puts everything into that and Ahnold gets knocked forward half a step, turns around ready to do battle and I am certain he would have if the body guard hadn't of been there and someone else holding him back. Not bad for 71 years old.

    Betty M. says:

    Why is it so hard for some people to leave other people alone? Wtf?

    Kenneth Howell says:

    It is a miracle that that goon did not break his back. Security should break his back.

    exoticmotorsports says:

    Arnold would of kicked his ass but it didn’t even phase him to want to. Arnolds the shit.

    Alyssa Smith says:

    Amar Tripathy somehow thinks he's not going to be Arnold Schwarzenegger's age one day. But I guarantee you when he is Arnold Schwarzenegger age, someone kicking him from behind will probably kill him!

    Don Fields says:

    WTF? I hope he has some mental disorder to kind of explain this bizarre action? Its just too random. And Arnold responds "what was that…a mosquito?"

    Bad Cattitude says:

    He's lucky Arnold didn't break his arm off and eat it

    THE TRACKCAR says:

    Great job security! Absolutely worthless.

    Doug Ballou says:

    What would compel him to visit South Africa, I would not. There is no fool like an old fool. Hope he gets his valve checked.

    Asmobia says:

    Arnold: "Somebody gives that petite boy a sandwich please".

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