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  • Weather War Update: Houston – You Really Do Have A Problem , & It's Not Mother Nature

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  • Barge Collision

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    Barge Collision Continue

    Manholes overflow across the city during heavy rain

    Flooding emergency in Texas

    Richmond houses flood four times in four years

    Oak Ridge Drive residents woke up to major flooding but the blame may not fall on just Mother Nature

    Fox Chase


    Houston Ship Channel crash: Two barges and a tanker collide; Ship channel closed

    This is live video from Air 11, over the Houston Ship Channel, where two barges and a tanker collided. One tanker is damaged. Another, we're told, has capsized. khou.com


    LloydBryce Carson says:

    We have had no sun here in Ontario for 5 to 6 weeks. They are forecasting two more weeks of cloud and rain. This is not normal. Cars got stuck in the water at the bottom of my street because the sewers got too full and the water started coming to the lobby of our building just before the rain stopped.

    BlAk`CAtt ` says:

    -ACCidents Are Unavoidable Due to MAss IMperfection
    [On A Bumbling/HAMfisted Level]

    Never`the`Less -there Are NO-MORE

    [edt] ………………………………………………….
    that Statement May Sound -A bit Contradictive
    but HowEver – As Of Recent Years-
    -Next to Nothing is -UnForseen/HAppenstance
    -Most Everything is of -[DELIBERATE-INtent]

    & -I MYself Have -Never BElieved In -[COINCIDENCE]
    only Slight Mynute Frivolous -COINCIDENCEs -[Maybe]
    Ultimately -Next to Nothing is -COINCIDENTAL
    ““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““ [end|edt]

    Fake says:

    Thanks Carol …..

    Reesey things says:

    Used to make gasoline ??
    Like… what ?

    Mark Anthony Stringfellow says:

    Heads Need to Roll!!!

    Phillip Fillmore says:

    I live 20mins outside of Houston. It's all geoengineering weather modification chemtrails etc… It's all going according to plan.

    Jeff Cox says:

    Years ago I did a job on the cannel. You would not believe how many NASTY chemical companies are there.

    Blue Eyes says:

    Another leak into our water system. Just fabulous. Jesus is coming soon. The door is ajar; he showed it to me in my spirit. Be strong in the Lord.

    RadicalRalph Russo says:

    Thank you Carol..You do fantastic video,Keep up the good work and keep 80% for yourself.Gonna get even more crazier..

    Scott Fox says:

    Lord God have mercy: https://youtu.be/VjhxpT5eTlA

    Able Bodied says:

    Yes mother nature went out in strike during the vietnam war. We have had weather modification for decades. They are trying to wash us away.

    Frederick Pinard says:

    Disaster capitalism! This is the third time Houston has been hit in the last five years! This right here is going to destroy the economy. All of this intentional flooding and storms will eventually destroy America.

    chickenpatti13 says:

    Time to give DC/world leaders the fight of their lives!there are more of us are than them ..they can run but cannot hide

    Need for Truth Joan of Ark says:

    There hammering you with the weather, anyone can see what’s going on on live maps with total weather control wake up.

    101kalak says:

    League City not Leak City

    101kalak says:

    All under corrupt Houston's mayor Sylvester Turner's watch

    Julie Hankinson says:

    League City

    10papermaker says:

    I love how the news anchors act like they actually care for the ppl. How can they live with their selves?

    TruthSeeker-2019 says:

    Unbelievable grrr really theyr goin f-ing nuts ofcourse its just more united nation agendas killin all life 👀

    Ava Savage says:

    It is League City not Leak City. But you are spot on about all the things you have said. I live in Houston and it worries me.

    Butcheristical Rawking says:

    there goes our freaking drink water there were no damn Collision they blew that shitt on purpose it's time to Fight Fire with Fire these fukers won't let in where in the hell is our civilian Army I'm ready to locate find them and shut their asses down Point Blank forever we have to find out who's doing it and step to their asses with murder intent infact just do it because that's what they doing to us fire with fire no regrets no remorse they must die!!!

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