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  • What's On My Google Pixel 3a??

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  • What’s On My Google Pixel 3a??

    Today I share what’s on my Google Pixel 3a! Hopefully it will help give ideas of how to set up your own.

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    Josh Quinonez says:

    Hey what's up everybody! Thanks for watching. Let me know what you think. Don't forget to Like and Subscribe!👍👍👍

    Pravin says:

    your wallpaper is ugly

    TheFhqwhgadsLimit says:

    Nice video. But change your smoke detector battery!

    2k GOD says:

    Thought it said Who wants my Google Pixel 3a

    shelBEEnautica says:

    does roblox work smooth?

    wbite aye says:

    real noice video!

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