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  • What Trump Derangement Syndrome Did To Jerry Nadler

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  • Thank Hod he’s okay now. 🙏

    #JerryNadler #TrumpDerangementSyndrome


    Politics Nowadays says:

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    Jon Lyons says:

    Die faster you fat slob.

    Have a nice Dave says:

    I don't feel a bit sorry for him.

    watchingitallhere says:

    I have seen this before, its a big mac Attack . He will be OK

    Hillary ForPrison says:

    All politically driven career politicians deserve much worse than this, absolute scum

    WarmothGuitarist says:

    Poor guy looked like he hadn't eaten in the last ten minutes. Just give the fat turd another cheesecake, and he'll be fine.

    Uncle Reggie says:

    He knows hes going to prison.

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