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  • ☎️Wilder Warns Klitschko “Build Yourself Back Up😂I’m Coming in For The Kill”☠️

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  • Deontay Wilder says an imminent return to boxing for Wladimir Klitschko is good news as a deal with DAZN remains in the pipeline.

    Klitschko has been linked with a comeback all year and has a multi-million dollar contract at his disposal.

    A clash with Wilder had been mentioned when ‘The Bronze Bomber’ himself was in talks with DAZN officials.

    Since then, Wilder has signed on to defend his WBC heavyweight title against Dominic Breazeale. The American says the aging Klitschko has work to do to earn his chance.

    “We’ll still have to see what he does, Let him get back in and build him up,” said Wilder.


    Phillip Harmer says:

    why would anyone tell a 10 year champ to build himself back up, get real he will get you more money than any of the other fights. why ?

    Easy Bandz says:

    Lol wilders gonna duck klitchko too😂😂😂.. smh build yourself up?!?!? Man is a legend in the game already!! Foh

    BlackKnight101 says:

    Awesome, Wlad can come back and it will be one more fighter for Wilder to avoid. Hell, he only went for WBC after Vitali vacated it, and never tried to fight Wlad while he was still active. I still remember Finkles comments about him fighting him when Wilder won the title and Finkle claimed Wilder was still a prospect. Second, Wlad was NOT out for 2 years when he fought AJ. It was 15 months after Fury fight, and Wlad was in 2.5 camps in that time period. One for Fury rematch, and 1.5 for AJ as he injured himself delaying their fight. Wilder don't want Wlad, he got knocked out 3 times by him in sparring.

    Joe Binder says:

    could have fought vkad 20 fights ago. now he calls him out after hes retired. pathetic.

    Leonard Sterling says:

    Respect to TBV, don't always agree, but on the subject of having a difference of opinions the fact that you don't block or delete many opposing comments on the live chat, unlike many of those LDBC channels which have many moderators blocking & deleting opposing views in their live chats.

    Daniel Harvey says:

    Typical Ness everyone need Vlad’s name bar Wilder! Wilder needs a name on his record more than anyone in the top 10!

    Ibrahim Mail says:

    He’s just name dropping as usual

    Ash says:

    Why bring Klitchko up when Klitchko himself has been quiet? Seems like another way of avoiding the other fighters in the division to me.

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